The route around the ‘valle’ is about 1800 metres long and starts from the courtyard of the Visitor Centre and runs along the entire northern part of the fish rearing ponds, going back along the FVG 2 waterfront cycle route towards Grado.

In the initial section, looking out beyond a wooden balustrade, it is possible to see many species of birds that feed in the shallow waters that form the ‘valle’ or resting on the various mud- and sandbanks. These can be observed very well from the Sabbia Observatory, an unmissable stop.

Continuing along the cycle path you can often see numerous ducks in the small patches of water surrounded by reeds, before arriving at the meadows of the Luseo, on which greylag geese, the symbol of the Reserve, usually feed.

The route ends near the bridge over the Primero Canal; from this point evocative views open up, both across the interior of the ‘valle’ and towards the Grado lagoon and, at the sluice gate for the control of the water level, it is possible to observe what remains of the old lavoriero in reeds, the traditional system of the catching fish raised in the ‘valle’.