The aims of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve are the conservation of habitats and species, sustainable development, scientific research, information, education and the area’s use by people.

As a result of its unusual environmental conditions, the Valle Cavanata Reserve is considered one of the most important wetlands in the Upper Adriatic, with a high level of biodiversity. It has in fact been declared a wetland of international value, within the setting of the Ramsar Convention, and is part of the E.U’s Natura 2000 network as a site of community importance (S.C.I.) and special protection area (S.P.A.).

Since its inception, research and wildlife monitoring activities have been carried out on the Reserve to improve the levels of scientific knowledge and information on this particular environmental system.

The activities of education and wildlife-environmental use are of particular importance in the management of the Reserve.

Projects and work that have favoured an increase in the biodiversity of the Reserve include the management of water levels, the construction of artesian wells and fresh water ponds, the control of anthropogenic disturbance and the planting of hedges and patches of trees.