For many years on the Valle Cavanata Regional Nature Reserve there has been a bird ringing station for scientific purposes.

Bird ringing (called ‘banding’ in North America) is a research technique based on the individual marking of birds and represents one of the most effective methods for studying the biology, ecology, behaviour and movements, the productivity of populations and their demographics.

A network of monitoring stations, coordinated by the National Centres, is the basis for the management of ringing activities in Europe, where EURING (the European body for ringing) guarantees efficient collaboration.

The Station operates as part of the MonITRing Project, coordinated by ISPRA (Italy’s Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research). The activities, carried out by personnel specially trained and authorized by the Region, involve regular catching sessions throughout the year, every ten days, with standardized operating methods. This project, in addition to increasing the knowledge of birds on the Reserve, provides obtain important information on the role of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve as a treasure trove of biodiversity.

In the period 2009-2018 around 5,000 individuals belonging to over 60 different species were ringed at the Station.