The route starts from the Visitor Centre car park the initially winds along the road that runs along the southern stretch of the Canale Averto. It is preferable to cover this stretch by bicycle as far as gate next to the sea, a distance of 3.2 kilometres.

Along this route it is possible to observe the vegetation of the sandbanks and the bird species of that prefer medium to deep waters, among which the most frequent being various species of grebe and several pairs of Mute Swans, often together with their young.

After about two kilometres, you arrive at the embankment overlooking the sea from which, on clear days, you can see the entire coast that borders the Gulf of Trieste and part of Istria.

Turning right and following the embankment, you can enter the reserve as far as a gate, a panoramic point, from which you can admire an unspoiled stretch of beach, the waters in front of which are often frequented by numerous species of herons, coot and other waterbirds.

Travelling along the sea bank to the east, after a few kilometres, better trained and more willing cyclists can reach the locality of Caneo and the characteristic village of Punta Sdobba, near the mouth of the river Isonzo.