Accessible in its entirety exclusively by bicycle, this route is laid out over about 9 kilometres.

Starting from the Visitor Centre in the direction of Fossalon, near the cemetery, take a gravel road on the left, the so-called ‘strada Bissa’ (‘Snake road’), the only road winding across the area.

Following this you skirt the dense Averto wood, made up almost exclusively of elms, which offer shelter to the numerous Roe Deer and cover for waterfowl (Mallard, Gadwall, Moorhen and Coot) which, especially in the winter, are abundant along the canal of the same name.

At some points along the route, passing through the dense undergrowth along some newly marked paths, it is possible to enjoy evocative landscapes and, approaching carefully in silence, observe the birdlife characteristic of this part of the Reserve.

Having arrived at the end of the wood, at the edge of the Reserve, it is turn back along the route already travelled or, with a little good effort, continuing as far as the provincial road and subsequently turning left twice, follow a circular rout that, along the Via Valle, will take you back to the Visitor Centre.