… in an era of climate change.

Birds migrate. And these movements have always fascinated man. For the Romans the migrations were calendarized by the Augur and used in divination and in the agricultural calendar for plowing and planting. Migrations have a genetic and a cultural component in certain species. In a time of climate change, the rigidity of response is “punished”. During the visit we will examine these strategies with examples of birds present in the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve.

The event is organized with limited numbers. Participation is possible only by reservation. To join, send an email to info.educazionecavanata@gmail.com with your name and telephone number. The reservation is effective upon receipt of confirmation from the staff of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve. Participation in the event is free.

Date: January 28th
Starting time: 15.30
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting place: will be communicated to subscribers via email
Difficulty: suitable for everyone
Recommended equipment: comfortable clothing, we recommend bringing binoculars with you
Participation fee: free thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Grado and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
Booking: mandatory at info.educazionecavanata@gmail.com