Winter arrives, cold weather, but also many new guests for the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve. The wintering waterfowl are species of great importance, every year […]
Saturday 23 October we invite you to get up early to learn about an important activity that has been taking place in the Reserve for […]
Migratory birds are species of great importance, each year making long journeys to areas with climates more suited to their needs. Thousands of kilometers non-stop […]
On Saturday 28 August at 9.30 pm astronomy will be staged in the starry skies of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve. In the company of […]
Born as a fishing and hunting valley and subsequently recognized as an area of ​​international value under the Ramsar Convention and Nature Reserve, the Cavanata […]
The longest days of the year, in the period of the summer solstice, represent a challenge or an opportunity for many animal and plant species. […]
With the passage in the white area we are pleased to inform you that the Pagoda and Sabbia Observatories are again accessible to the public, […]
There is a lot of talk about biodiversity and the importance of its conservation. But do we know exactly what biodiversity is? What are the […]
Dear friend, dear friend, on Monday 26 April the region passes into the yellow zone and finally the Visitor Center of the Valle Cavanata Nature […]