The longest days of the year, in the period of the summer solstice, represent a challenge or an opportunity for many animal and plant species. For nocturnal species, long days and short nights are difficult times that force them to go out during the day, while for diurnal species the abundance of light represents a good time to complete their reproductive cycles or raise the chicks. But from now on, as the days get shorter, there will be so many changes in ecosystems to be observed in the weeks to come. Let’s find out together!


In compliance with the regulations relating to the COVID-19 emergency, the event is organized with a limited number. Participation is only possible by reservation. To join, send an email to with your name and a telephone number. The reservation is effective upon receipt of the confirmation by the staff of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve. Participation in the event is free. To participate, the use of a mask and respect for the safety distance are mandatory.


Date: June 27

Starting time: 9.00

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting place: will be communicated to subscribers via email

Difficulty: suitable for everyone

Recommended equipment: comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, we recommend that you bring binoculars

Participation fee: free thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Grado and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

Booking: required at