Valle Cavanata as you’ve never seen it before!!!

From today it is possible to visit every corner of our wonderful Nature Reserve from your computer or smartphone! The virtual tour of the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve offers the opportunity to observe every corner of this protected area from new perspectives thanks to splendid videos and photos.

The visitor will be able to move freely within the virtual tour and will find interesting information about the characteristic flora and fauna of the Cavanata Valley “just a click away”. This new way of visiting becomes an interactive tool to increase one’s naturalistic knowledge, simulating an excursion in a natural environment directly from home.

You will be able to visit all the main habitats of the Reserve, even those that are closed at certain times of the year to allow the nesting of some species, such as the beach and the beach wood. With just one click you can reach the Luseo meadow and without wasting time flying over the fishpond and the tidal flats, also passing over the fishing valley and the deep waters, not usually reachable on foot. In this way you will be able to appreciate, from new points of view, the diversity of environments that our Reserve offers in 250 hectares of surface. All enriched by cards with information on the plant and animal species that inhabit the Reserve.

Among the numerous advantages that the virtual tour wants to offer to the visitor, we highlight the possibility of organizing a future visit to the Reserve in detail so as to be able to arrive prepared and better appreciate one’s outings in the open air.

An incredible experience not to be missed! To start this journey click here: