Botanist Pierpaolo Merluzzi will accompany us on a botanical excursion between residual and newly formed environments, an opportunity to observe the differences between today’s landscape […]
Herons and associated species such as ibis, spoonbills and cormorants constitute a well-known group of colonial waterbirds. In Italy since the 1970s, breeding colonies, known […]
A ten-year data collection has just ended, but the work doesn’t stop! Thanks to the support of the FVG Region and the editorial care of […]
If you want to have fun at Carnival,a beautiful mask you have to build!With paper, paints, buttons and imaginationYou will make the most beautiful mask […]
On the occasion of Wetlands Day, we have decided to let you experience becoming ornithologists for a day.We want you to understand the importance of […]
Against the backdrop of a sunset, in the winter stillness that only the Cavanata Valley can offer, we invite you for the last date of […]
Let’s frame the autumn! Yellow, red and gold become the leaves in this season, in a thousand different shapes and sizes. Nature provides the colours, […]
On Saturday 21 October, we would like to introduce you to the otter, an elegant aquatic mammal, which is gradually recolonising the wetland environments near […]
On Saturday 30 September we want to take you on a journey into the fascinating world of plants, but not just any plants or those […]
Exploring a natural reserve through the game of orienteering is a thrilling and engaging way to get to know and discover the most fascinating aspects […]